Department of controlling educational quality

Isabekov Ihtiyor Adilbekovich  Isabekov Ihtiyor Adilbekovich
 Head of the department
   Monday - Saturday (9:00-18:00)
 Chief specialist of the department for supervision of quality in education
 Phone: (91) 638-06-72
 Reception Days: Monday-Thursday from (13:00-17:00)


The main tasks of the department are:

- Analysis and examination of educational directions and specialties of state educational standards (SES), qualification requirements, curricula and science programs;

- Studying the quality of the educational process in the branch, the availability of educational literature and teaching materials;

- to study and analyze correspondence of branch students' knowledge in SES;

- Ensure implementation of normative and legal acts aimed at improving the quality of education;

- monitoring the quality of staff training;

- Organization of internal certification of the branch, identifying the factors that affect the quality of education as a result, presenting data to the Director of the Branch and the State Inspectorate;

- establishing control over the timely eradication of deficiencies and shortcomings in the affiliated with the quality of attestation, learning quality;

- monitor the status of educational quality indicators and make recommendations to the relevant structural subdivisions on identified problems and shortcomings;

- to analyze the effectiveness of modern methods and techniques in improving the qualification of teaching staff to improve the quality of education;

- internal monitoring of the qualification of pedagogical staff in the structural subdivisions of the branch (faculty, department, department, center, academic lyceum), as well as for determining the qualitative level of postgraduate education and retraining; making suggestions to the branch management on preparation of analytical information, defining deficiencies and problems;

- To analyze the correspondence of the basic information of the professorial-teaching staff of the branch with the relevant subject (s) or to study the relevant re-training or to have a scientific degree, corresponding to the specialty, and to present the conclusions to the director of the branch to do so;

- Monitoring of implementation of educational process, research and scientific-methodical work of the branch;

- to analyze the material and technical base of the educational process, make proposals on its development and improvement;

- control over the effectiveness of the students' practice in the branch, taking into account the educational directions and specialties and their effectiveness;

- Participation in the process of attestation and assessment of the affiliate's rating on the basis of the State Inspectorate's inquiry, attestation and quality of study;

- Assessment of honesty, transparency and quality of points by analyzing students' knowledge assessment process;

- Conducting social surveys among students, parents, professors and in-service users on a regular basis in order to study the social environment of the affiliate, staff training and quality of education;

- Studying the experiences of prominent educational and scientific centers of foreign countries, developed by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Istedod", or international projects and branches at the expense of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan; ;

- actively participate in the development of joint stock companies and the implementation of measures aimed at increasing the international rating of the branch to the international level;

- Conducting training workshops and trainings in order to improve the quality of education in cooperation with the relevant structural subdivisions;

- Formation of a public expert base in the branch and regular workshops on seminars in the framework of their tasks;

- Monitoring of the issues of integration cooperation between the educational process and production, the application of innovative ideas, processes and technologies;

- Providing information on the results of the research and monitoring carried out by the Department in the Office of the Branch, roundtables and conferences;

Department of controlling educational quality




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