Educational-methodical department

Yakhyayev Sobir Djumakulovich  Yakhyayev Sobir Djumakulovich
 Head of the department
   (375) 228-03-21
   Monday - Saturday (9:00-18:00)


The main tasks of the department are:

- General management of all activities and staff of the department;

- Creating and executing the department's business plans;

- Coordination of competent activity of the educational institution, depending on the purpose of the department;

- Decrees, orders, letters, modems and telephone boards of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, education laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Decrees, Orders, Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers,  execution of the orders of the director in faculties, chairs, departments and monitoring;

- Delivery of the decrees and resolutions adopted by the President and the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan to professors and teachers;

- Work on the organization of state educational standards, curricula and curriculum, and control over its implementation;

- Increase the effectiveness of the learning process and the quality of education, and organize the learning process on a scientific basis;

- Coordination, analysis, control over the teaching and methodical work of faculties and departments, and widespread introduction of good practices;

- Participation in the development of the curriculum, organizing, approving, and monitoring the implementation of the training curriculum;

- Organizing, evaluating and evaluating the implementation of rating system for student knowledge and assessment;

- Organization of student practice and integration of educational work with production enterprises;

- Organization and control of educational and training work in the field of normative documents in deanery and departments;

- Development of educational materials of chair according to "Time standards" and organization of planning of individual work plans of professors and teachers, control over their execution;

- Monitoring of the relevance, quality, scientific and national needs of the employer to attract leading specialists of the organization, enterprises, to the scientific supervision of graduation works;

- To recommend candidates for the approval of the chairmen of the State Certification Commission to the Ministry, take measures to prepare and implement the final state attestation plan and draw up a plan;

- Review and analyze the conclusions and reports of the State Attestation Commission;

- Ensuring organization of groups and resources at the faculties by the normative documents;

- control over the timely and proper execution of the work on transferring students from the course to the course, dismissing students and awarding the scholarship;

- Organize the preparation of proposals for the development of the material and technical basis of the educational process with the relevant departments;

- Development and implementation of the science literature basic literature;

- Setting up and maintaining the curriculum for teachers and teachers of the day;

- Organization and execution of the professional development plan of professors and teachers;

- Organization and control over the use of information and communication technologies in education;

- Collaborate on the IRC's knowledge of the information fund and its efficient use;

- Compliance with labor protection and safety.




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