Monitoring and internal control department

Buriyev Tulqin Khayitovich  Buriyev Tulqin Khayitovich
 Head of the department
   (371) 238-64-25
   Monday - Saturday (9:00-18:00)


About the Internal Control and Monitoring Department:

    Karshi branch of  Tashkent University of Information Technology named after Muhammad al-Kwarezmi The department of "Internal control and monitoring" is responsible for the implementation of the tasks specified in the national program of training personnel, execution of normative documents and guidelines in the educational process, and to oversee the timely execution of the university's commands and decisions. The department of "Internal control and monitoring" was established by the Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan on August 29, 2001, № 207, "Internal control and training of higher education National Program Implementation Monitoring ", the Charter of TUIT and the Charter of the Department. The department carries out monitoring of the implementation of the National Program of Personnel Training at the University, provides educational, methodological, spiritual, educational and educational, scientific-research, educational discipline, retraining and retraining, decisions of the Collegium and the Academic Council, the execution of orders by the ministry, agency and university, and the regulatory documents in the field of education. The internal control and monitoring department is directly subordinated to its director.

The main tasks of the department are:

- Monitoring of implementation of higher education laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions, orders and other documents of the Ministry, as well as internal orders and decisions of the university;

- organizing and conducting internal inspectorate of university teaching staff and teaching staff;

- Monitoring and monitoring of compliance with the state educational standards and other normative documents that define the requirements for the quality of training and the level of preparation of the trainees;

- providing practical and methodological assistance to branches, faculties, chairs and other structural units on introduction of educational standards at the university;

- Preparation of analytical materials and recommendations on reforming and improving the educational process of the university management bodies;

- Carrying out the execution of commissions on the university;

- Providing practical and methodological assistance to the elimination of deficiencies identified in the university and its branches based on the analysis of the learning process;

- Participation in the implementation of the rating methods of evaluation of professor-teachers activity.

- submitting specific proposals for elimination of deficiencies and problems to university management.

- verify compliance with educational standards and normative documents on education at the university and related educational institutions (affiliates, lyceums and others);

- participate in all types of council meetings at the university and related educational institutions;

- Attracting the relevant specialists from branches, faculties, chairs and other subdivisions of the educational institution for the performance of their functions;

Monitoring and internal control department




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