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 Dean of Computer Engineering Faculty
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Andokulov Tolqin Khomirzo oglu  Andokulov Tolqin Khomirzo oglu
 Deputy Dean of the Department of Computer Engineering
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Rakhimov Odil Berdiyevich  Rakhimov Odil Berdiyevich
 Deputy Dean for spiritual and educational work at Computer Engineering Faculty
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 Ochilov Muzaffar Rayimberdiyevich
 Deputy Dean for spiritual and educational work at Computer Engineering Faculty
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"Computer Engineering" faculty

Faculty of "Computer Engineering" was established on the basis of the "Information technologies" faculty in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PP-1942 "On measures to further improve the system of personnel training in the field of information and communication technologies" was released. There are 4 chairs in the faculty. In particular, the Department of Information Technology, Department of Information Technology, Department of Software Engineering, and Natural and General Sciences. There are 50 professors in 40 current departments and 40 professors and 10 co-lecturers.

The professors and teachers of the department work in all departments and correspond to the subjects of the department. Students are being taught by the faculty using modern information and communication technologies and pedagogical technologies.

At the faculty "Computer Engineering" prepares bachelors on 2 directions of education and masters on 1 magistracy specialties:

    Currently, 639 students are studying at the faculty and are currently studying for a bachelor's degree. In particular, 627 students study in bachelor's degrees, 12 students in magistracy. On the basis of the state grant, 479 students are studying on a contract basis. Of the 639 students, 124 are girls and 515 boys.

    There are 1 educational building, 1 student residence, 1 programmers training center and 2 kitchens in the faculty.

    In the 2018/2019 academic year, 159 graduates complete two undergraduate courses.

    Graduates of the faculty work in various fields of information and communication technologies: academic and research institutions, government and government agencies, enterprises and organizations, banks, insurance, financial and consulting companies, professional colleges and academic lyceums and other enterprises they may think.

    Cooperation agreements with industry organizations have been signed in the faculty to ensure the integration of science, education and production. 6 experienced staff members are involved in the educational process and are working on the chairs as a sub-department. In addition, in collaboration with industry enterprises, a weekly program of seminars on branch development prospects has been approved for professorial-teaching staff of the branches and specialized departments, and the training is conducted by leading specialists.

    Taking into consideration the problems of production enterprises and the scientific directions of graduating departments, the basis of the graduation theses is being monitored and monitored. More than 80% of BIs are managed by leading specialists of manufacturing enterprises.

    At the faculty, in 2013-2018, 10 professors and lecturers from leading universities of Korea (KAIST, Seoul University of Science and Technology, Kyongxi University, Sungmil University, Chung-Ang University, Inha University, Yongnam University) and at the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics. These professors and teachers are currently conducting classes in English with special groups of students.

    There are foreign scientific grants available at the Faculty and are based on the European Union's Erasmus + (University of Sannio) 561621-YePP-1-2015-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP TECH-REH (Technology in Rehabilitation) in the total amount of 83,720 euros (28,7568,991) euros (million, UZS).

13 international professors and 4 gifted students are participating in this research project.

    In the following 3 academic year, 2 students were awarded with the Beruniy State Scholarship, 1 student of the State Scholarship of Islam Karimov, 4 students of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications Development, 2 students, Muhammad Al-Khorezmi Scholarship Fellow, 20 students won prize-winning places at national and international sports competitions and other contests.

Directions of undergraduate education:

- 5330501 - Computer Engineering ("Computer Engineering", "IT Service");

- 5330600 - Software engineering;

Master's Degree:

- 5A330501 - Computer Engineering (Design of Computer Systems).

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