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Sultanova Dilobar Kamalovna  Sultanova Dilobar Kamalovna
 Head of the Information Resource Center

General information

     Information resource centre – IRC Karshi branch, TUIT named after Muhammad al-Kworazmiy founded December 29, 2006 under the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On financing and state regulation of information resource, information library centers and libraries, interdepartmental coordination of their activities, ensuring guarantees of citizens' rights to free access to information.”

     Currently, the IRC serves on a single library more than 1,132 readers and users of electronic resources.

     Based the students, faculty members, university staff, among our readers are students and teachers from other universities, students of advanced training courses, employees of organizations working in the field of telecommunications come here to read.

     The IRC presents a wide opportunity to use books at home through the subscription system, as well as in the reading rooms. The IRC consists of two blocks - the traditional library, i.e. with information on paper and electronic library.


 The traditional library has 1 subscription and 1 reading room.

    E-library -1 room for students and teachers and staff (22 computers). Every day the library is visited by more than 120 readers on average, the issue per year is about 11, 848 units.

    The library fund today has about 6691 thousand copies of books, brochures, magazines, floppy disks and CD-ROMs. The library receives about 1,500 books annually, subscribes to 6 titles of magazines and 23 titles of newspapers.


The library uses various forms and methods of working with readers:

 - holds Information Days twice a month;

 - draws up thematic books, illustrative exhibitions, as well as exhibitions of new literature;

 - regularly publishes newsletters, etc;


Resources: library fund for 1.03.18 year:

    Books - 6691 copies, titled 2224  

    CD-disk and disks -copies 178


Of them:

    Scientific literature-699 titles (named under 105 copies)

    Educational literature- 2857 (named under 741 copies)

    Fiction literature- 834 (named under 346 copies)

    Other literature -1608 (named under 527 copies)


The main performance indicators: (average for the last 3 years)

Fund turnover - 0,85 %

Readability - 76 %

Equipment - 70,8 %

Number of visits -  82 %

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