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Khalilov Abbos Eshmuradovich  Khalilov Abbos Eshmuradovich
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The annual work plan of the Center for Information Technology was approved by the director of the branch on November 16, 2015.

     The Information Technology Center operates in three states.

   The JFC (Job Flow Control) Automated Information System has been established and is being used effectively by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan in order to strengthen the monitoring of branch executive discipline by employees of the Center. E-mail boxes have been opened for all professorial-teaching staff of branch office corporate e-mail (

   The use of internet resources in the Karshi branch of TUIT is 2mb / s using Tas-IX, ie the use of Internet resources in the national segment, at 20mb / s. CentOs7 software has been installed on the server for the purpose of using these Internet resources and is being distributed to the users online.

   All PCs of the University are connected to the corporate network of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education. The educational system "Education", developed by developers of the Center for the introduction of e-learning in educational institutions under the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education ( 8088), information exchange system (, ( Internet access has been created.


The staff of the Center developed the following normative documents:

  1. information security policy of Qarshi branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies;
  2. Passport of interactive services provided on the Karshi branch web-site of Tashkent University of Information Technologies;
  3. List of information containing information that can not be disclosed in information units of Karshi branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies;
  4. The order of use of information network of Karshi branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies.


   Creation of modern electronic information and educational resources in the university and organization of production on the basis of uniform requirements and their placement in the information-educational network "ZiyoNET" and introduction of the educational process in the strict control On August 12, 2015, the Order No. 248 of the Universtion's Resident Director and the department plans to submit electronic information resources to the IT Center.

   To date, 86 information resources have been distributed by the professors and teachers of the departments to the ZiyoNET information-educational network (

   The total number of branch offices is 155. The number of computers used in the learning process is 137. The number of computers used in the Information Resource Center is 12 units. The number of computers connected to the local network of the branch is 155, with 155 computers connected to the Internet. The speed of access to Internet resources at the branch is 2048 Kb / s, Tas-IX, ie the speed of access to the Republic's Internet resources is 20 Mbps. 6 Wi-Fi Ubiquiti UniFi Long Range Access Point (WIFI UI) was installed to cover the office area with wireless (Wi-Fi) internet. The number of WI-FI access points can be up to 100 users per 6 points.

   The official website of the branch operates since 2005 ( The web site will be lightweight. The official language of the web-site is Uzbek, Russian and English.

   The site provides information about the branch, management, its structure, trends, departments, departments and centers.

   There is also a service for e-receipt of citizens on electronic news, web-site learning, and other matters of interest to the official site of the web-site, and if complaints are not sent in anonymously, l

   For the convenience of the entrants and parents, the following branches of education, admissions office, working hours, nomenclature of documents submitted to the admissions office, number of daily papers issued by applicants on educational directions, the amount of contract payments is being reported.


The passport for interactive services provided on the website is developed. The interactive services provided through the website are as follows:

"Course Schedule" interactive service

Interactive service "Vacancy Professionals"

Interactive service "Working curriculum"

Interactive service "Information about getting a diploma"

Interactive service "Acceptance to university"

"Electronic library" interactive service

Interactive service "Scientific activities of the University"

"Electronic Reception"

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